Shaping Our Future Together

Doing good, and building your career is always better amongst friends!

What’s great about finding a career at Cyclect? The People, the opportunities. We’re driven, diverse and creative, to find purpose in our work whilst creating great value for our clients and communities we live and work in. We find joy in supporting each other, engineering, operating, and building awesome stuff that helps people, the planet, and we love doing it together. Explore a career with Cyclect, read about us here.

Engineering Services

Explore a career with our electrical teams that are deploying advanced electrical and instrumentation systems that manufacture our vaccines, electrical vehicles or power plants


Explore a career with our mechanical and sustainable energy teams that deploy environmentally sustainable solutions, or the next exciting and innovative roller coaster ride.

Facilities Management

Explore a career with our facilities management and operations teams that ensure critical buildings, facilities and assets to ensure the communities and people are safe and operational.

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Our Culture and People

Our people are our priority in what we do, which is why we want to bring out the best in each other. You’ll be a vital member of our diverse and dedicated team stationed throughout the world¬† and have valuable experiences to develop your potential and career to make a difference. Read about our company here.


we are committed to creating a diverse and engaged workforce where everyone can be themselves. We nurture, inspire and empower our people by providing a safe and healthy work environment.


in togetherness and integrity. We have established an atmosphere that fosters good employee relations by having get-togethers for personal and professional activities. Each employee is heard, respected, and recognised.


our strength is derived from determination and excellence. We are determined to bring out the best in each other by embracing great teamwork and professional excellence.


are passionate about building an inclusive team of people and deliver world-class projects on time driven by innovation and sustainability.

Career Benefits

For Cyclect employees, your paycheck is just a portion of the overall investment we’ve made in you. Here are some of the benefits we offer to our employees.

Health & Security

We provide insurance policies and career benefits to protect our employee’s health and well-being and enable the formation of a healthy work-life balance.

Career Progress

Cyclect operates in many sectors and countries. Career opportunities abound within the company as we unleash your potential. We provide coaching and training to build upon your skills and talents.


We recognise contributions through annual performance reviews, awards and bonuses.