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Cyclect is a leading provider of electrical engineering and facilities management solutions for the airports industry.

Cyclect is a leading provider of electrical engineering and integrated facilities management solutions for the airport industry. We have the expertise to keep your airport’s infrastructure operational and safe.

Our electrical engineering services cover everything from design and installation to maintenance and repair. We have a team of skilled professionals who are trained to handle the complex electrical systems found in airports. Our fast response times ensure that any failures are dealt with quickly, minimizing disruption to airport operations.

In addition to our electrical engineering services, we also offer integrated facilities management solutions. This includes a range of services such as cleaning, security, and maintenance, all designed to keep your airport running smoothly. Our team of facilities management experts ensures that all tasks are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. 

At Cyclect, we understand the importance of keeping airports safe and operational. That’s why we offer expert services to ensure that your airport’s infrastructure is well-maintained and reliable. With our fast response to failures, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have your airport’s safety and efficiency covered.

Tentang Bandara

The airport industry is a vital component of the transportation infrastructure of a city. It plays a crucial role in connecting a city to the rest of the world through the movement of people and goods. The quality of an airport can significantly impact the attractiveness of a city as a destination for tourists and businesses.

Singapore is a prime example of the importance of the airport industry to a city. Singapore’s present success as an attractive city is partly due to the excellent construction and facilities management of its airport. Good engineering solutions and facilities management are critical functions in maintaining the reliability of airport infrastructure, which promotes overall productivity and helps to maintain a good image for the country.

In addition to maintaining high standards of construction and facilities management, it is important for airports to meet the standards set by regulatory bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These standards ensure the safety and efficiency of airport operations and play a key role in maintaining a good reputation for the airport and the country.

Kami Keuntungan

Some of the key advantages of using Cyclect’s engineering solutions in the Airports industry include:

Sumber daya
Rekam Jejak
Keuntungan kami
Tim kami memberikan pengalaman gabungan selama puluhan tahun dalam menerapkan solusi untuk Anda, sebagai pemilik atau operator pabrik, aset, dan fasilitas. Kami meningkatkan keandalan operasi dan meningkatkan nilai, untuk memberi Anda ketenangan pikiran yang lebih besar.

Bandara Services

Check out our list of services for the Airports industry, including engineering, installation, integration, repair, testing, and diagnostics for electrical and mechanical systems.

Kontrol Instrumentasi Listrik & Otomasi
Solusi Energi
Layanan Industri
Solusi Instalasi
Manajemen Fasilitas Terpadu
Perbaikan Pemeliharaan Perbaikan
Building Maintenance and Repair
Call Center
Control Engineering, Automation, Panels, Building and Engineering
Cooling System
Electric Motor Services
Teknik Elektro
Penyimpanan Energi
Desain Teknik
Equipment Hook-up
Plant Services, Equipment Servicing
Plant Services, Equipment Upgrading
Cabling Works
Proteksi Kebakaran
Health Safety and Environment
Ride and Show Installation Services
Lightning Protection
Agen Pengelola
Mechanical Engineering services
Plant Services
Mechanical Engineering services
Mechanical Engineering services
Manajemen Proyek
Manajemen Keamanan
Kekuatan Sementara
Equipment Audit, testing, diagnostics, thermograph
Ventilation, AHU
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