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Merged Cyclect Eco Engineering

Cyclect Eco Engineering acquires Applied Mech and the Energy Solutions business of Cyclect Electrical Engineering
Merged Cyclect Eco Engineering

The Cyclect Group is delighted to announce the merger of several business entities to form Cyclect Eco Engineering (CEC). CEC was merged with the purpose of delivering integrated engineering solutions for plant owners, with a special focus on achieving ecologically and environmentally-friendly outcomes. It merges former entities Applied Mech Pte Ltd, Cynergy division, and WIT Engineering Pte Ltd. Effective 2022, CEC will combine the expertise of both predecessor companies, offering end-to-end services in engineering, design, project management, construction and maintenance of various environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Cyclect Eco Engineering will serve numerous industries including manufacturing plants, theme parks, water treatment, and power generation plants. The entity will provide mechanical engineering, energy solutions, plant services, specialised ride and show installations, water treatment systems many industries. Together, the combined companies have served many clients including MSD, GSK, Abbvie, Pfizer, Universal Studios Singapore (USS), Genting Group, Dreamworks, Public Utilities Board’s (PUB) and many more. All current projects under relevant companies will be unaffected, and we continue to provide high-quality value in our services. We have worked closely with stakeholders to ensure the smooth integration of both companies, and we appreciate your continued support.

About Cyclect Eco Engineering

Cyclect Eco Engineering, a subsidiary of the Cyclect Group, delivers integrated energy, and engineering solutions to industrial, theme parks and infrastructure sector. It specializes in the deploying of integrated energy solutions (including cogeneration, waste-to-energy solutions).