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Solutions Overview

Building a Legacy of Success: The 3G of Tans at the helm of Cyclect Group

Under the leadership of the 3G team, Cyclect Group continues to innovate and drive towards sustainable engineering solutions
Cyclect Generation 3

2006 marks a significant moment in the history of Cyclect Group as the third generation of the Tan family takes over leadership of the company. Led by Melvin Tan, Marcus Tan, and Ee Wei, the new generation brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company.

Melvin Tan, with a background in Business Administration, had been with Cyclect since 1999, working in various capacities and business units. He had held positions in business development for the marine services, electrical engineering, and started the electrical services branch in Malaysia for the petrochemical industry. He also played a crucial role in modernizing the company’s operations by leading process changes and upgrades to the IT, HR, and accounting systems.

Under Melvin’s leadership, Cyclect Group began to focus on developing clean energy solutions and established a dedicated R&D division. This move towards sustainable engineering solutions aligns with the company’s primary mission of providing sustainable engineering solutions to the industry.

With the third generation at the helm, Cyclect Group continues to be a leader in the engineering solutions industry in Asia, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of its clients.