Our History

Cyclect has a rich heritage as a pioneer in delivering reliable and innovative engineering solutions.

Established in 1943 in Singapore, Cyclect has weathered many historical events and challenges. From the time of the Japanese occupation, Mr Tan Ai Meng founded Cycle & Electric Company in Bencoolen Street in Singapore. The name Cycle was about the AC Sinusoidal Waveform in electrical engineering but it also represented Mr Tan’s philosophical views of the cycle of life. He believed that in life, there is a season for everything. Even though the ravages of war, he had an optimism that better things await. There is a time to plant, and a time to harvest.

Based on this principle, Cyclect was built to weather many storms. By building strong core strengths, talents and resources, the company diversified into many industries and geographies. Innovation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility are the hallmarks on which we operate. From the early days of simple electrician and handyman works, Cyclect has evolved to provide a full cycle of solutions. Our business units can provide services and products to perform simple tasks like machinery repair to planning and engineering large-scale project deployments. Our business units and partners work in collaboration and support for each other to deliver complex and innovative projects. 

For 80 years, we have delivered thousands of exciting, iconic and impactful projects that elevate the lives, businesses, communities and environments where we operate our multi-capability, solution-based approach and deliver reliable, mission-critical engineering solutions to challenging projects, safely, on time, and on the budget to bring positive sustainable impact to society, the economy, the environment, our community, and our people. Trace some of our milestones and projects on this page.

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