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With a rich history since 1943, Cyclect is a pioneer in engineering services that have completed thousands of impactful projects.

Cyclect is a company that was established in Singapore in 1943 by Mr. Tan Ai Meng. Mr. Tan believed in the concept of the “cycle of life,” meaning that everything has its time and place. This belief was reflected in the name of the company, which was inspired by the AC Sinusoidal Waveform in electrical engineering, but it also represented Mr. Tan’s philosophical views on life. Despite facing challenges such as the Japanese occupation, Mr. Tan remained optimistic and founded Cyclect with the goal of weathering any storm. The company has faced numerous challenges over the decades, including Singapore’s independence and many economic crises.

Over the years, Cyclect’s leadership has transitioned three times and the company has innovated, grown, and diversified into a range of services, products, industries, and locations. Cyclect values innovation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility, and has evolved from providing simple electrician and handyman services to offering a full range of solutions for various tasks, from machinery repair to large-scale project planning and engineering. Cyclect’s business units and partners work together to deliver complex and innovative projects.

In its 80 years of operation, Cyclect has completed thousands of exciting and impactful projects that have improved the lives, businesses, communities, and environments where it operates. The company takes a multi-capability, solution-based approach and is committed to delivering reliable, mission-critical engineering solutions safely, on time, and on budget. Through these efforts, Cyclect aims to have a positive, sustainable impact on society, the economy, the environment, and its own community and employees.

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