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Thanks for stopping by our company news, announcements and blog webpage. We’re excited to share all the latest happenings with you. From new product releases to partnerships and events, and interesting and informative engineering and technology related blog, this is the place to be for all things Cyclect. We’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to check back often. And don’t forget to follow us on social media for real-time updates and exclusive content. You can also find our news at facebook or linkedin.

The News

Hydrogen: The Clean Fuel That Could Change Singapore's Energy Landscape
Hydrogen is the focus of Singapore's efforts to adopt low-carbon technologies, with the potential benefits...
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Marine Engineering Solutions
10 Essential Electrical Jobs for Marine Engineers On Board Ships
Marine engineers play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of ships at sea.
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ISES AGM Sea Asia 2023
Cyclect to host the ISES Association Milestone 60th Annual General Meeting in Singapore
Join us at the ISES Association 60th Annual General Meeting to network, build knowledge, and advocate...
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Progressive Wage Mark
Cyclect awarded the Progressive Wage Mark Plus: A Milestone!
Cyclect earns Progressive Wage Mark Plus in recognition of our commitment to fair and sustainable wage...
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Shuangliang Hot-Water-Fired Absorption Chillers
6 reasons how absorption chillers help improve energy efficiency
Reduce electricity costs and lower environmental impact
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Lessons Learned From COVID-19
Navigating the New Normal: 5 Lessons Learned From COVID-19 on Facilities Management
Discover valuable Lessons Learned From COVID-19 that have reshaped the approach to facilities management...
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Piping & Ducting - Cyclect
5 Tips for Choosing the Best Industrial Piping Solutions: Essential Considerations for Your Next Project
As a business owner or project manager, you are aware of how crucial it is for your project’s success...
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Cyclect MD on "Ask The Finance Minister" 2023
Melvin Tan shares insights emphasizing the need to support the ageing workforce, harness innovation,...
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Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation Works
The Advantages of Using Specialist Electrical Contractors in Manufacturing
If you run a factory or manufacturing business, you know that reliable, efficient electrical systems...
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Motor Repair and Overhaul
Rewinding Electric Motors: Is it Worth the Investment? Read the Pros and Cons here.
Are you considering rewinding your electric motor? It can be a costly investment, but it may also extend...
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