Cyclect and Sustainability

As a sustainable corporate, investor, and service provider, it is our responsibility to create an impact on shaping the future of our society and the environment.

While we set high standards for the companies in which we invest and operate, our clients also expect us to uphold the same standards within our own business.

Thus, to generate and deliver positive financial and societal outcomes, we operate our businesses responsibly and sustainably. Taking into account the long-term real impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues on our company, our people, our supply chains, the communities and the environment in which we and our clients live and work.

Environment Social and Governance

Dealing with climate change is becoming more urgent and important. Our responsibility is to protect not only our customers, suppliers, and employees, but also the environment. We comply with all applicable environmental legislation, ISO 14001, and other guidelines and codes of conduct applicable to the sectors in which we work,  keeping up to date on any changes to those directives.

To protect the environment and the communities where we work, we strictly regulate pollution and waste. We are committed to conserving energy, reducing emissions and waste, and ensuring that our operations run smoothly. Indeed, reducing our environmental impact is so important to us that we’ve committed to working toward  the goal of supporting and meeting the Singapore Green Plan 2030


We are responsible corporate citizens to all countries’ cultures and customs. We place a premium on fair pay, workforce development, workplace safety, employee well-being and create a one people culture without any discrimination to gender, ethnicity, age, or nationality.

Wherever we work, there is strict adherence to the all applicable labour laws and regulations. We believe in meeting global labour standards that have been setup by United Nation's International Labour Organisation. We have zero tolerance for illegal labour practices such as child labour, forced labour, slavery, or human trafficking. We also impose these same standards on our partners.

We anticipate our customers’ needs, deliver high-quality goods and services, source responsibly, and give back to the communities where we work. We care about our employees and those who are impacted by our projects. A safe and healthy working environment for our employees in our workplaces, on-site, and during business travel is essential.


We believe that good corporate governance is the responsibility of everyone, not just the board of directors. Our internal system of practices, controls, and procedures enables us to govern ourselves, make effective decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders.

While meeting applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements, Cyclect will adhere to a set of strong business principles and values, an operating system and process, an internal control framework, and a variety of technical accreditation.