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Celebrating 80 Years of Engineering Excellence!

A Gratitude filled Evening: Enriching the Story of Our 80 Year Journey
Team Cyclect

On 08 September 2023, we marked a significant milestone in our journey at Cyclect’s 80th Anniversary Gala Dinner, celebrating not only the present but also its storied 80 years of history. It was a momentous occasion filled with reflection, celebration, and anticipation of an exciting future.

From our humble beginnings as a family business, we’ve held dear the values of togetherness, integrity, determination, and excellence. These values have been our guiding lights as we’ve expanded our reach to nine countries and worked alongside our valued clients and partners on mission-critical projects spanning Marine & Offshore, Built Environment, Telecommunications, High-Tech Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and more.

As we look ahead, our vision is brighter than ever. We’re thrilled to share upcoming ventures, including a 50MW solar power development project in Bangladesh, a 200MW green data center in Sarawak, the acquisition of Nismix, an industrial mixing solutions company, the opening of an MRO workshop in Saudi Arabia for its energy sector, and innovative collaborations on energy management initiatives.

Melvin Tan 80th Anniversary speech
Melvin Tan 80th Anniversary speech

“Reaching our 80th anniversary is a remarkable milestone for Cyclect.” remarked Melvin Tan, Managing Director. “From the depths of our hearts, we thank you for attending and supporting our gala dinner. By being there, you’ve added another beautiful layer to Cyclect’s tapestry. It was a joy to have you, and your presence was our evening’s true highlight.”

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering. We’re diving into transformative technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, Green Hydrogen Energy, Energy Transition, and Artificial Intelligence, all aimed at creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

To our esteemed clients, distinguished partners and valued team members, we owe our success to your unwavering support and partnership. It’s an honor to work alongside each of you as we continue to innovate, grow, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and technology.

Thank you for celebrating this remarkable milestone with us. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to forging an even stronger and more prosperous future together.

Mr. Chew Sutat (L), presenting a thank you gift for Cyclect's Community Chest contribution to Mr. Peter Tan (R)
Mr. Chew Sutat (L), presenting a thank you gift for Cyclect’s Community Chest contribution to Mr. Peter Tan (R)
Cyclect's Board of Directors
Cyclect’s Board of Directors

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