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Formeco Fractional Separation Systems

Solvent separation systems
Formeco Fractional Distillation

Fractionating columns are units for fractional distillation, which allow the separation of solvents which differ in their boiling point and the almost total separation of solvents from liquid pollutants. The fractional distillation process makes it possible to obtain a sufficiently pure liquid for its integral reuse in its original processes. The plant consists of a boiler heated indirectly by diathermic oil or different energy sources (steam for example). The diathermic oil is placed in forced circulation inside an external shell around the boiler and in an inner coil.
A fractionating column fitted with anti-splash devices and high-efficiency packing material is installed in the upper part of the boiler in order to favour washing in the steam-liquid counterflow. A head condenser makes it possible to regulate the forced reflux in the column in order to support the separation of the various components of the mixture being treated.
The vacuum group consist of a liquid ring pump on treatment in closed circuit, contained in a dedicated cooled tank, equipped with a special vapour condenser EGC – Exhausted Gas Condenser, placed on the way out of the vacuum pump.
The plant can work 24 hours a day, with automatic loading of the liquid to treat, automatic unloading of the distillate and of the process residue.
A special pc-board with display sets the diathermic oil temperature, the temperature inside the boiler and the temperature on the head of the column, with possibility to set the oil temperature with respect to the head temperature for regulating the distillation speed.

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