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Solutions Overview

Gemini Paint Filling Machines

Filling can be divided into two main technologies – volumetric or gravimetric. This means that the desired quantity is either measured by volume or by weight.

  • Volumetric filling machines
    Volumetric filling machines are based on a self-priming cylinder. A piston is moving inside this cylinder and the stroke length and diameter of the piston determines the filling volume.
  • Gravimetric filling machines
    Gravimetric filling machines are weighing the exact weight using a valve that is placed over an electronic scale. The scale in combination with the weighing program controls the valve operation resulting in a weighing process.

Factors to determine which method to use

  • Product properties – If the product contains e.g. air bubbles, volumetric filling is normally not recommended.
  • Desired volumes – For volumes above 20 ltr. we always recommend a gravimetric solution.
  • Available budget – A gravimetric solution is in general more expensive.

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