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Gemini Paint Washing Machines

Gemini paint washing machines are specialised systems to clean rotary screens, squeegees, vessels.

The GemiClean SW & RW washing machines are built specifically for the cleaning of rotary screens (SW) and squeegees (RW) that are being used for different printing applications. The cleaning/washing is based on strategically placed nozzles that spray a cleaning liquid like water or solvent under high pressure. This ensures a high quality of cleaning.

The cleaning of rotary screens is done both from the inside as well as the outside without the need of brushes. The nozzles move up and down along the screen (depending on the number of wash cycles). In the final stage of the cleaning process the screens are being dried with regular compressed air. The vertical position of the screens enhances the paint/ink to be removed from both the inside as well as the outside of the screen. At the same a vertical position of the screens in the machine prevent the screens from getting damaged during loading and unloading.

Cleaning of squeegees is done by flushing cleaning liquid through the inside and high pressure spray nozzles on the outside. The squeegees are also dried from the outside in the final stage of the cleaning cycle. The paint trays of the squeegees can be removed from the squeegee and will be washed simultaneous with the squeegee.

The GemiClean VW vessel washing machine is built specifically for the cleaning of mobile mixing vessels that are being used in different industries like paint & coatings, ink etc. The vessels will be cleaned by means of the centrifugal force of rotating brushes in combination with spray nozzles for cleaning liquid. The brushes are equipped with arms that will adapt themselves automatically to the diameter of each vessel. Furthermore the brushes consist of a lower and upper part which can telescope inside each other so that the brushes can adapt to the height of the vessel. The vessel is clamped in position by downward force by the lock-up cover. A tiling platform enables complete emptying of the vessels by the sedimentation system.

With all cleaning / washing machines the polluted cleaning liquid is collected in a special designed sedimentation system which saves on fresh water / solvent and thus also on costs. All washing/cleaning machines are also available in explosion proof execution according to ATEX-regulations.

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