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Inaugural SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium for In-depth Insights into the Future of Leadership and Talent Development

Join the SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium to gain invaluable insights on talent and leadership from world-renowned expert Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

At Cyclect, we have always believed in the power of knowledge, collaboration, and leadership. It is with greate pleasure that we share the upcoming SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium, an event that promises to bring together some of the brightest minds to address pressing topics of our times.

About SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium

The SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium revolves around the theme, “Engaging, Enabling, Empowering Talents & Organisations for New Times”. As the landscape of business, society, and leadership undergoes transformative changes, it becomes imperative to delve into innovative strategies to foster talent and lead organizations effectively.

Spotlight: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

We are honoured to have Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, recognized amongst the Top 10 Business Thinkers in the World, taking the stage. His inclusion in the Thinkers50 Management Hall of Fame is a testament to his unparalleled contributions to leadership thinking and executive coaching.

Join this highly engaging and interactive session to:

  • PRACTICE Heroes Exercise to understand 6 factors that govern fulfilment in life
  • LEARN to align Aspirations, Ambitions & Actions to maximise value for others and self
  • APPLY The Credibility Matrix to learn when to ‘let go’ and guide others to let go
  • UNDERSTAND Four Faces of Empathy to enable meaningful relationships with others
  • REFLECTon The Earning Checklist to thrive sustainably
  • KNOW HOW to use Daily Questions to increase effectiveness and build engagement
  • GAIN insights on using Life Plan Review for effective long-term execution of plans.

Panel Discussion: Singapore at the Forefront

Moderated by Dr. Peter Chee, CEO of ITD World, the panel discussion promises enriching insights. With the likes of Dr. Victor Seah from SUSS, Mr. Ian Wong of UOB, and our very own Mr. Melvin Tan, the CEO of Cyclect and VP of SMF, attendees are in for an insightful discussion.

Melvin’s unique blend of experience, rooted in both the business and community realms in Singapore, will offer a fresh and localized perspective on the topics at hand. His insights are bound to resonate with many, as he sheds light on the intricacies of talent management, leadership, and organization-building from a Singaporean context.

Why Attend?

This symposium is not just another event on leadership. It is a confluence of global and local perspectives, offering a platform for attendees to:

  • Network with industry leaders and peers
  • Gain actionable insights to transform their leadership practices
  • Understand the evolving paradigms of talent engagement and empowerment


Mark Your Calendars

We urge all industry professionals, leaders, and anyone with a keen interest in leadership and talent development to mark their calendars and join this enlightening event.

In the rapidly changing global landscape, such opportunities to learn, engage, and be empowered are invaluable. Be a part of the change, the discussion, and the future!

SUSS-UOB-SMF Global Leadership Symposium