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Melvin Tan, Cyclect Group’s Managing Director, to Share Insights on Supporting Sustainable Transition of Local SMEs at Eurocham FORUM

Summary: Cyclect Group's Managing Director, Melvin Tan, will participate as a panellist at the Eurocham FORUM, discussing the role of multinational corporations in supporting the sustainable transition of local SMEs, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Cyclect Group, a leading engineering and sustainable solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Melvin Tan, Group Managing Director, will be participating as a panellist at the Eurocham FORUM on “Local SMEs and Their Sustainable Transition: How Can European MNCs Support It?” The event, organized in collaboration with GCNS, SBF, and UOB, aims to explore the crucial role that multinational corporations (MNCs) can play in supporting the sustainable transformation of local SMEs.

The Eurocham FORUM will shed light on the challenges faced by SMEs in adopting sustainable practices, including limited resources, lack of knowledge, and difficulty accessing financing. The event will emphasize the benefits that SMEs can derive from integrating sustainability into their core business strategies, including lower costs, reduced risks, and new opportunities. It will also underline the increasing demand from customers, investors, and financial institutions for sustainable goods and services, highlighting the importance of sustainability for SMEs’ long-term success.

As a distinguished panellist, Melvin Tan brings over 26 years of experience in managing businesses in the engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations sectors. Under his leadership, Cyclect Group has established itself as a leader in promoting sustainable practices and delivering innovative engineering solutions. The company has received numerous awards, including the Singapore Sustainability Awards and the ASEAN Business Awards, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in all aspects of operation.

Cyclect Group has developed various sustainable energy solutions, such as utility-scale solar power plants, energy-efficient cogeneration power plants, and a net-zero green data center. By actively promoting sustainability within its own operations, Cyclect Group sets an example for other SMEs and showcases the potential benefits of sustainable practices.

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About Cyclect Group

Established in 1943, Cyclect Group is a leading engineering and sustainable solutions provider based in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of services, including Engineering Solutions, Technical Solutions, Integrated Facilities Management, Industrial Distribution and Trading, and Sustainable Energy Solutions. Cyclect Group serves various industries, including manufacturing, process manufacturing, power, utilities, water, energy, marine, and offshore.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Cyclect Group develops and implements innovative solutions that promote energy efficiency and environmental conservation. The company has received several accolades for its outstanding performance, including the WIPO-IPOS IP Awards, Enterprise 50 Awards, Singapore Sustainability Awards, Asean Best Electrical Contractor Awards, Singapore Prestige Brand Awards, and Asean Business Awards.

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About European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Eurocham, also known as the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, is a prominent business association representing European companies and organizations operating in Singapore. With a mission to promote bilateral trade and investment between Europe and Singapore, Eurocham serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and advocacy. The organization plays a vital role in fostering collaboration between European multinational corporations (MNCs), local SMEs, and other stakeholders, with a particular focus on driving sustainable practices and supporting the transition to a greener economy. Through events like the Eurocham FORUM, Eurocham facilitates discussions and initiatives that contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of businesses in Singapore.

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