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Industrial Parks
Providing solutions to Industrial Parks owners and operators to meet their operational, sustainability, and financial objectives.

Industrial Parks refer to zoned and planned areas for industrial development to promote industrialization and economic growth. It puts in place transport, power, water and info-communications services to enable asset and plant owners to conduct their operations.

To foster and attract business growth by consistent, reliable and adequate provision of shared facility and utility infrastructure services. The right facility specialist to provide expert engineering, construction, maintenance and operations services will help to achieve its goals. Cyclect teams deploy various services and solutions to support industrial park owners and operators to meet these requirements.

Cyclect provides engineering solutions to the Industrial Parks industry. Industrial Parks facilities require sustainable, compliant, and reliable designs, installations and technologies to meet operational requirements. We can deploy various engineering solutions – electrical, control, instrumentation, automation, and integrated facility management.

For electrical systems for Commercial & Residential projects, we deploy solutions in compliance with Singapore Standard SS 638 Code of Practice for Electrical Installations, and Singapore Standard SS 650 Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Installations.

With the increased focus on energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction, Cyclect’s energy solutions teams can help deploy innovative power systems such as solar power, and energy storage technologies to meet these needs.

About Industrial Parks

An industrial park (also known as an industrial estate, or trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. Industrial parks are usually located on the edges of, or outside, the main residential area of a city, and are normally provided with good transportation access, including road and rail. This idea of setting land aside through this type of zoning has several purposes:

  • By concentrating dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area, to reduce the per-business cost of that infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes roadways, railroad sidings, ports, high-power electric supplies (often including three-phase electric power), high-end communications cables, large-volume water supplies, and high-volume gas lines.
  • To attract new business by providing an integrated infrastructure in one location.
  • To set apart industrial uses from urban areas to try to reduce the environmental and social impact of the industrial uses.
  • To provide for localized environmental controls that are specific to the needs of an industrial area.

Our Advantage

Our teams provide decades of combined experience in deploying solutions to you, as an owner or operator of plants, assets, and facilities. We improve operation reliability and enhance value, to give you greater peace of mind. 

Track Record
Our Advantage
Our teams provide decades of combined experience in deploying solutions to you, as an owner or operator of plants, assets, and facilities. We improve operation reliability and enhance value, to give you greater peace of mind.

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Industrial Parks Activities

Our teams provides a suite of operational activities for this industry. We combine various activities to form a solution to meet your construction, operation and maintenance needs.

Electrical Instrumentation Controls & Automation
Energy Solutions
Industrial Services
Installation Solutions
Integrated Facility Management
Maintenance Repair Overhaul
Ride Show Solutions
Solar Solutions
Building Maintenance
Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation Works
Computerised Facilities Management System
Engineering Services
Cooling System
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Design
Ride and Show Installation Services
Plant Services
Plant Services
Safety Management
Managing Agent
Mechanical Engineering services
Plant Services
Mechanical Engineering services
Mechanical Engineering services
Project Management
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Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation Works
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