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Solutions Overview

Ducting System

Optimized airflow management via Ducting System.

Cyclect is a leading provider of HVAC ducting services for a variety of industries, including ships, industrial plants, and buildings. Our team of experienced and accredited engineers, fabricators, and technicians provide comprehensive solutions for all your ducting needs, including the design, fabrication, installation, testing, and commissioning of duct systems.

Ducting is a crucial component of any HVAC system, as it is responsible for delivering and removing air to maintain acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Poorly designed or installed duct systems can result in reduced efficiency and increased energy costs, as well as potential health risks for occupants. That is why it is important to choose an experienced, accredited, and proven provider like Cyclect to ensure the optimal performance of your ducting system.

At Cyclect, we are committed to meeting the highest standards, including ISO 9001, regulatory standards such as SS 553 Code of practice for air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation in buildings and industry standards such as ASHRAE. Our team of dedicated on-site project managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians, and mobile teams work to minimize disruptions to your staff, tenants, and customers while delivering top-quality ducting services. We have a wide range of duct system materials available, including galvanized steel, aluminum, pre-insulated air ducts, fiberglass ducts, and flexible ducts. Contact us to learn more about how Cyclect can meet your ducting needs with our expertise, experience, and portfolio of successful projects.

Ducting System Types

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Pre-insulated Air Ducts (Polyurethane and Phenolic Insulation Panels)
  • Fiberglass Ducts
  • Flexible Ducts

Ducting System Related Activities