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Solutions Overview

AL-KO ENERGIE Industrial Ceiling Fans

AL-KO ENERGIE are energy-efficient ceiling fans for the industry

The AL-KO ENERGIE recirculates warm air that accumulates at the ceiling due to thermal lift back to the center of the room. This makes it an ideal complement to the AL-KO air heating and air cooling units. It is used in high heated spaces such as warehouses, production facilities and assembly halls. The AL-KO ENERGIE ceiling fan can be usefully employed in high halls with ceiling heights between five and 16 meters and where accumulated heat collects in the ceiling area. It draws in the warm air that collects under the hall ceiling and conveys it back into the occupied area. At the same time, the downward airflow counteracts the rising warm air. The AL-KO ENERGIE is controlled by a separate control cabinet with selectable switch-on temperatures.

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