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Solutions Overview

Facility Management

Comprehensive care of properties with Facility Management.

Cyclect’s Facility Management activities help ensures the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability and efficiency of the built environment (buildings) people live and work in, and the surrounding infrastructure. Our work entails:

  1. Building a facility team that can support the property and the users of the property
  2. Establishes work processes for greater governance and to respond to various situations
  3. Upkeep and improve facilities to help turn the workplace into a competitive advantage.
  4. Technology Integration to aggregate and analyze data, make recommendations and implement projects to improve the facility.

Facility Management Activities

  • Tending the building
  • Cultivating partnerships
  • Future planning
  • Asset management
  • Finding and maintaining vendor contracts
  • Repair, maintenance, and building improvement
  • Workplace cleaning and décor
  • On- and off-site property management
  • Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance including statutory or regulatory compliance.
  • Corrective Maintenance including Breakdown and Emergency response
  • Testing and condition assessment services.
  • Life-extension programs for critical equipment

Our experienced Facilities Management teams look after a diverse range of properties (e.g. multi-tenanted office buildings, manufacturing plants, schools, telecommunication, and government agencies). Each team is responsible for first-line response, managing term contractors and contract administration of works.

Facility Maintenance Works include Scheduled preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance (repair), and predictive maintenance services for building asset owners and operators.

Typical Systems Handled by Facility Management

  • Mechanical Systems
    • Air-conditioning Systems
    • Mechanical ventilation Systems
    • Boiler systems
    • Backup Power Generating Systems
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Vertical Transport Systems
  • Electrical Systems
    • Low and Medium Voltage (LV/MV) distribution Systems
    • Extra-Low Voltage Systems (CCTV, PA Systems, etc)
    • Lighting Systems
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Security Systems
    • Solar Power Generation Systems
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Systems
    • Energy Storage Systems