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Solutions Overview


Ensuring warmth and comfort through Heating.

Cyclect’s Heating System services include complete consisting of supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for heating systems to provide the heat energy required for various manufacturing operations, such as heating, melting, curing, and drying.

Cyclect’s services are delivered in compliance with regulatory (such as BCA, EMA) or industry standards (such as ASHRAE). Our full range of Heating Systems services are delivered by dedicated on-site project managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians, and/or our mobile teams. We plan our work at appropriate times, to minimise disruptions to clients‚ staff, tenants, customers and other stakeholders.

Heating Systems Services

  • Engineering, procurement and installation of various industrial heating systems.
  • Industrial Heating systems include:
    • packaged gas boilers
    • electric heaters
    • heat recovery steam generators
    • heat exchangers

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