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Solutions Overview

Installation Service

Precision setups provided by Installation Service.
Ride and Show Installation Services

Cyclect’s equipment installation services are essential for process manufacturers, infrastructure operators, and other businesses in the industrial sector. These services include:

  1. Transportation, moving, lifting, alignment, and securing of equipment and machinery
  2. Regulatory road clearance, cargo escorts, alignments, and equipment hook-up services
  3. Electrical, instrumentation, controls, and automation solutions
  4. Removal, demolition, overhaul, refurbishment, and re-installation services for old machinery and equipment

Cyclect also provides equipment hook-up services referring to the installation and connection of various types of equipment and machinery. This may include setting up and connecting electrical, plumbing, gas, and other types of systems and components. The specific tasks involved in equipment hook-up services can vary greatly depending on the type of equipment being installed and the location where the work is being performed. In some cases, equipment hook-up services may also include the testing and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that it is operating correctly and safely.

All works are planned and executed in compliance with regulatory compliance and industry standards, such as SS 638ISO 9001ISO 45001, and ISO 14001. Choose the expertise and reliability of Cyclect Group for your equipment installation needs.

Installation Service Machinery Types

Types of machinery and equipment covered by the Equipment Installation team’s services:

  • Electrical Power Distribution Equipment – Circuit breakers, Motor control centers, Power distribution units, Switchgear, Transformers, power generating sets
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment – Boilers, Water treatment equipment, Heat exchangers, Air handling units, Chillers, Cooling towers, Ductwork
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment – Packaging and assembly equipment, Support equipment, Testing and inspection equipment, Wafer fabrication equipment, Wafer handling equipment

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