Integrated Energy Solutions
Cyclect provides sustainable integrated energy solutions (cogeneration, trigeneration) to industrial manufacturing and infrastructure owners for energy-saving and production utilities.

Climate change concerns and high energy costs have led to increased efforts to develop more efficient systems. Integrated Energy Solutions (Cogeneration, Multi-generation) is a proven technique for producing cooling, heating and electrical in a single process, increasing thermal efficiency to beyond 90%. This results in numerous operational, environmental, and economic benefits. It is suited for decentralized or isolated facilities. Integrated Energy Systems (IES) typically significantly recovers otherwise wasted heat into electricity or useful thermal energy. It helps satisfy global energy needs while reducing environmental impacts and costs. Implemented well, Integrated Energy Systems deliver reliable and energy-efficient utilities to production factories and built environment occupiers.

Cyclect Integrated Energy teams provide engineering, procurement and construction solutions for Integrated Energy Solutions to meet the energy requirements of plant owners. We design systems that utilize proven and tested project methodology, rigorous design standards and thorough simulation and testing procedures. Our approach results in optimised energy balance, faster start-ups, greater system functionality, easier support and maintenance, and improved uptime and facility productivity.

Integrated Energy Activities

We provide the following activities (and more) for Integrated Energy Solutions:

Duct System
Activities performed to supply and install ducts that are used in ventilation, heating and air conditioning to remove and deliver air for buildings, marine, industrial and infrastructure plants.
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Project Management
Activities performed to plan and manage a project to successfully complete its listed goals
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Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE)
Activities performed to manage health, safety and environmental (hse) hazards by monitoring and controlling work practices
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Engineering Design
Activities performed to seek a solution to technical challenges with the application of scientific knowledge
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Technical Testing
Activities performed to verify compliance with technical specifications by conducting visual or instrumentation inspections
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Electrical Engineering
Activities performed to distribute the electrical power safely to all of the different areas and equipment
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Activities performed to lay cables for transporting electrical energy from one point to another
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Energy Storage
Activities performed to store energy for later use, and enhance grid resilience by actively managing mismatches between electricity supply and demand
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Equipment Installation
Activities performed to install and integrate equipment and machinery safely and in accordance with industry procedures and methods
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Equipment Upgrading & Modification
Activities performed to upgrade equipment and processes to increase operations functionality, increase productivity, reduce downtime, ensure worker safety and improve overall efficiency
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Activities performed to help generate cooling and heating for thermal comfort, indoor air quality, or process cooling and heating
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Activities performed to provide chilled water or cold air by removing heat and humidity from the indoor air.
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Equipment Servicing
Activities performed to maintain equipment to improve the performance of their machinery
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Facility Management
Activities performed to ensures the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability and efficiency of the built environment (buildings) people live and work in, and the surrounding infrastructure
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Our Portfolio

Cyclect has helped thousands of global and local companies over the last decades to enable their businesses to achieve their objectives with our Integrated Energy Engineering Solutions.

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